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Principal's Message

1My name is Elizabeth Linfield and I am extremely excited to be joining you all at Bezanson School. I am an educator with a wealth of experience in the classroom from preschool to high school programs. I have a passion for inclusion and building learning environments that promote success for all. I have a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology focusing on Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and have experience working as an itinerant educator of the Deaf and/or Hard of Hearing and a consultant with the CASE team. My past three years with PWSD have been filled with Inclusive Education Coaching and teacher mentoring.  I believe in working in a collaborative environment with staff and parents to ensure that every student experiences success in learning and life. I believe that creating a positive learning environment where all children feel respected, cared for and successful is essential for learning and developing strong, resilient, self-assured individuals. I am looking forward to working with an amazing group of teachers to continue Bezanson's traditions of high academic achievement and athleticism. I am enthusiastic to move forward with our district focus of Collaboration to ensure that every child at Bezanson School has their individual educational needs met. I strongly believe that teachers touch the minds as well as the hearts of the children in their classrooms. This is very important and decisions are made based on what is best for students and their learning.