PWPSD providing students, families with mental health supports

Peace Wapiti Public School Division’s (PWPSD) Wellness Team has grown! Now made up of five groups, the Division’s Wellness Team is complete and has been busy helping support students, staff and families.

With the addition of two new supports, PWPSD has been providing five wellness services since January:

  • Mental Health Team
  • Community School Liaison Counsellors
  • Family and Community Support Services
  • Mental Health Capacity Building
  • Outreach Team

The Mental Health Team is a team of Mental Health Therapists who provide Tier III assessments and interventions to students, staff, and families; they work independently and as a multidisciplinary team.

Community School Liaison Counsellors focus on Tier I and II universal wellness and supports for students experiencing increased stress, adjustment problems, and mental health distress.

Family and Community Support Services, a partnership between the province of Alberta and the County of Grande Prairie, supports the positive mental health of both students and staff.

New in 2023!

The PWPSD Mental Health Capacity Building team, formerly part of the Tri-District Wellness Team, provides Tier 1 universal and targeted programming to promote positive mental health both in the classroom and in the community. Team members work to raise awareness, increase knowledge, build skills and foster positive community norms, while also developing mental health literacy and building capacity across the school division.

The Outreach Team’s primary purpose is to work with PWPSD schools to identify students who have been struggling with attendance, and make contact with them and their families in an attempt to identify needs, barriers and/or struggles; team members then work to provide access to a wide range of services, community supports and referrals. The Outreach Team helps bridge the gap in service between Tier III (Mental Health Therapists) and Tier IV (community) supports.

Peace Wapiti Public School Division would like to thank all its municipal partners, the Government of Alberta, and Alberta Health Services for their financial support and for providing the necessary resources to help the PWPSD Wellness Team be successful.